“The only route that offers any hope of a better future for all humanity is that of cooperation and partnership” Kofi Annan

Ahimsa Fund focuses on the most underprivileged populations of the world and advices realistic, innovative, cost-effective and replicable public health initiatives using two innovative models:

The Reversed Pyramid

The principle of the reversed pyramid is our conviction that there is an important added value at the bottom of the pyramid (BoP), which is currently underused. We need to empower and to create value with this part of the world’s population. Those values will partly contribute to fund the projects. A number of promising initiatives have already been launched in this direction. It is a way of fighting inequality and reduce poverty, in which each of us must participate.

The Bridging Model

We must have a holistic and transversal approach to projects. We must build bridges and not always reinvent the wheel. Sharing must be an innovative approach to the way we work. We need real leaders to achieve this goal. The younger generations must be part of this challenge. It will be necessary to associate paradoxes (rich and poor, young people, young people, profit sharing…) and not to oppose them. Our differences must be strengths on which we must build our future to build a better world, not weaknesses behind which we must hide.

The eligibility criteria of our projects