Each project is supported by a local champion, acting as an “ambassador”.



Training of local partners must occur within a specified time frame (three to five years), so that they can take ownership of projects and become the leading players on a long term basis.



Innovative business models must be adopted to support the profitability of these projects, as they must be economically self-sustaining after the initial period of three to five years.



In order to support and engage our sponsors, we give a clear and transparent picture of the funds used and give sponsors the opportunity to meet our local partners and contribute to the success of the projects. 



In developing partnerships, we do not want to reinvent the wheel, but instead benefit from the existing competencies of partners who share our vision and values.



Our objective is to replicate successful projects in other countries by empowering the project teams and leveraging their experience and competencies.



We want to choose innovative projects to be incubated at a local level. Once successful, these projects will be scaled up to a national level with the contribution of local authorities.