EVENT How to transform this crisis into an opportunity?

2020-11-23T14:17:20+01:00November 23, 2020|A.R.M, Leaders|

As part of the Ahimsa Renaissance Movement, we offer to organize on a regular basis some motivating events to question the current situation and draw, together, positive responses. The proposed concept brings together an expert from the world [...]

Overview – Pastoral da Criança: presence with poor families

2020-10-15T14:39:32+01:00October 15, 2020|A.R.M, Field Projects|

The dedication of the Pastoral da Criança volunteers has helped to bring about a change in mentality in Brazil about childcare and the communities have discovered its transforming strength.

Social entrepreneurs have the solutions to get the Sustainable Development Goals back on track

2020-10-15T14:40:35+01:00September 29, 2020|A.R.M, Entrepreneurship Projects|

Catalyst 2030 is a global community of social entrepreneurs, funders and other social change innovators that believe collective action and bold, new strategies are needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

Interview with Jean-François de Lavison, founder of the Ahimsa Renaissance Movement

2020-10-15T14:47:50+01:00July 10, 2020|A.R.M|

One of the biggest mistakes we could make in the handling of this crisis—and in this regard, competition is tough—would be failing to learn the lessons that would help us confront the next one.

Conversation with Setsuko Klossowska de Rola, UNESCO Artist for Peace

2020-10-15T14:50:22+01:00July 10, 2020|A.R.M|

Setsuko Klossowska de Rola was asked to design a symbol for the A.R.M initiative—the Ahimsa Renaissance Movement. She turned to Kanji, the adopted Chinese characters used in the Japanese writing system.

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