Request for proposal – Innovations in COVID-19 Antigen RDT Rollout in Underserved Populations

2021-05-14T09:46:11+01:00May 13, 2021|A.R.M, Field Projects|

ACT-Accelerator, FIND and IRD are seeking proposals to implement screening using SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Diagnostics tests (Ag-RDTs) in low and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Feedback on the conference: “COVID19 response: Challenges for Faith Inspired Organizations”

2021-02-15T11:22:42+01:00February 12, 2021|General|

In April 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic gained momentum, the Ahimsa Fund launched the “Ahimsa Renaissance Movement” initiative, or ARM, as a way to learn from the crisis. It was founded in the belief that COVID-19 must be [...]

Handbook on Social Participation for Universal Health Coverage

2021-01-19T12:24:32+01:00January 19, 2021|General|

As part of the effort to achieve WHO’s Global Programme of Work (GPW) ambition of one billion more people benefitting from UHC by 2030, a recommendation of the report of the WHO Task Team on WHO-Civil Society Engagement was [...]

EVENT! COVID19 response: Challenges for Faith Inspired Organizations

2021-02-01T15:27:05+01:00January 07, 2021|A.R.M|

As part of the Ahimsa Renaissance Movement, we offer to organize on a regular basis some motivating events to question the current situation and draw, together, positive responses. The proposed concept brings together experts from the world of [...]

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