Field Projects

Brazil’s HIV policy for indigenous people

2020-02-14T11:06:22+01:00August 03, 2018|Field Projects|

by Adele Benzaken, Deputy Director, Department of AIDS, STI and Viral Hepatitis, Ministry of Health, Brazil Presently, Brazil harbors around 1 million indigenous persons – an estimated 750,000 of whom live within indigenous lands and territories that occupy around 12% [...]

Mexico in the aftermath of the Sept 2017 earthquake

2018-05-17T13:12:17+01:00February 01, 2018|Field Projects|

Without a doubt, September 2017 was one of the hardest months that Mexicans have lived through for many years. The aim of this visit to Mexico was to examine ways in which Ahimsa Fund could participate in the reconstruction effort.

Statement on Impact India Foundation (IFF) Initiatives

2017-10-10T08:25:45+01:00October 09, 2017|Field Projects|

I am impressed to see the evolution of the Community Health Initiative over the years. This is my third visit to the project. I look forward to seeing the final outcomes IIF achieves in the interventions to do with [...]

From Mumbai to Dharamshala, building bridges between communities

2017-10-06T13:01:22+01:00October 06, 2017|Field Projects|

Last month, Ahimsa Fund's founder had the opportunity to return to India. There is a strong link between Ahimsa Fund and the Indian subcontinent (the concept of ahimsa originates from Hindu wisdom), and Jean-François de Lavison's journeys to India [...]

Impact India Foundation received the Sushruta Award for Outstanding Contribution by an NGO

2017-05-23T14:47:08+01:00November 24, 2016|Field Projects|

We are proud to announce that Impact India, one of our important partners in India, received the Sushruta Award. Impact India Foundation received the Sushruta Award for Outstanding Contribution by an NGO at a function organized on November 4, [...]

Solidarity with flood victims in northern Bangladesh

2017-05-23T14:47:51+01:00August 04, 2016|Field Projects|

With Friendship support flood victims in northern Bangladesh An estimated 1.5 million people have been affected by the flood, which follow days of heavy rainfall in the region. As of today, while the situation is expected to worsen in [...]