How might we accelerate and shape our ideas ?

How can we make health holistic solutions available all around the world for the most vulnerable ?

The objective of this session is:

  • to work on your ideas
  • dream the ideal situation
  • imagine solutions so that your ideas take off
  • build dedicated and efficient teams and establish clear actions to implement.

This session will be run on collective intelligence methods and be based on the collective knowledge and broad range of skills available throughout the groups.

Steps of the session :

  • Select your team 

  • Imagine solutions to make your projects affordable, accessible and more impactful with a define​d​ return

  • Choose the most relevant solutions

  • Determine an action plan ​


This session will be animated by Lily Gros, Manager for the Enactus Lab.

Passionate about collective intelligence, Lily has participated in designing, facilitating and animating co-design, creathon and impact sessions for Enactus for more than 5 years. Manager for the Enactus Lab, she has developed several innovative format that mix different stakeholders all dedicated to changing the world and thriving to concretize solutions for impact.
Lily is also facilitator for TechStars Startup Weekend, laughter yoga animator and animator of personal development events and tools.