23/06/2021 / 5:00 - 6:00 PM CET Back



50% of the world does not have access to basic health care. Even if the current progress continues (which is unlikely due to the constraints placed on health systems due to the COVID19 pandemic), it is anticipated that one out of three people will not have access to health care by 2030.  Current models of scaling up health care access – mostly reliant on a brick and mortar model of clinics and hospitals – is unlikely to help the world reach 2030 targets. 

Is there an alternate approach that will help fast track access to health care?
Is it possible to build a digital health infrastructure that will enable rapid scale-up at reasonable costs?
What are the key elements of such approaches and how can we build partnerships that facilitate them?

This session will focus on the potential for innovations that leverage digital developments and the broader infrastructure that will enable several countries in the global south to leapfrog health care access. It will also address the financial innovations that may be necessary to drive this transformation. It will draw on experts and share lessons to date from the Health Innovation Exchange (HIEx), the Digital Connected Care Coalition (DCCC) and the Transform Health Coalition. It will also share opportunities for partners from the public and private sector to engage in these efforts and be part of the journey to delivering quality health care to those left behind. 

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