Jean-Antoine ZINSOU

General Manager Vaccines Business Unit Sanofi-Philippines

Jean-Antoine Zinsou is a MD by training, specialized in emergency and disaster management. For almost fifteen years he has been working in the vaccine field as a medical director and as General Manager in different countries in Africa and Asia. During this period, he worked actively on improving vaccine coverage rates and fighting against vaccine hesitancy, hence contributing to better protection of children and adults against vaccine-preventable diseases. In 2013 he joined the Sanofi Pasteur team dedicated to the dengue vaccine development. As a Public Affairs and Advocacy Team member, he was instrumental in the publication of the SAGE (Strategic Advisory Group of Expert on immunization) recommendation and the WHO position on the use of the first dengue vaccine.

Before joining the pharma industry, he was for four years, an active member of “Ruban Rouge” an NGO based in Côte d’Ivoire that fought for HIVAIDs to be recognized as an issue by the government. Advocating for affordable if not free access to care for people living with AIDS.

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