Build new forms of resilience by breaking down silos and encouraging faith-inspired organizations to share and work together, as key actors, in a revitalized and enhanced global partnership involving worldwide global health stakeholders.



Our aim is that this event propels and inspires change, and leads to innovative new actions in the field of global health. We will explore how technological innovation in healthcare can help to promote social innovation and vice versa, and how each actor’s commitment can help to reduce disparities, to make these technologies accessible to the most vulnerable, and thus to contribute more fully to the goal of universal health coverage.
During this event, we will launch a new ART (Ahimsa RoundTable) offering an opportunity to present new initiatives aimed at facilitating health access for the world’s most vulnerable populations. The floor will be open to all global health stakeholders wishing to share innovative and exciting initiatives in this area.

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A big thank you again for the invitation to attend the Ahimsa Forum and to represent UNITE. It was such a lovely event and you both were so hospitable (….)
Victoria Grandsoult, Advocacy and Community Engagement Director, UNITE

Et encore un grand bravo pour le magnifique Forum ! (…)
Bénédicte Pansier, Director, Knowledge-Sharing & Les Pensières Center for Global Health, Fondation Mérieux, Les Pensières

This is Brian from Alfajiri Kenya, Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the invitation and for the platform to share what we do as an organization back here with other young people.
Having young people take lead in making some critical decision is also key as from the meeting discussion. (…)
Brian Otieno, Team Lead, Alfajiri Safe Space Program, Kenya

Greetings! Chandrakant and I are back home, replenished by the warmth and caring that so significantly marked the 4th Ahimsa Forum.
Till now the previous three Ahimsa Forums provided opportunities to learn from, and network with each other about “Making Good Health Contagious”. And we were inspired by leaders such as Maggie, Zelma, Tony, Katherine and you. This time we collectively transcended our individual identities to build the bridges you spoke about and create magic…..a quality of vulnerability that was so endearing, so very special……to be cherished, savoured and appreciated a long time afterwards. This is something we will carry with us.
Thank you for the gift of the Ahimsa Forum; we are grateful to have been invited. (…)
Neelam Kshirsagar, Head, Fund Raising & Partnerships, Impact India Foundation

Thanks very much again for everything!!!! 
It was tiring but fun and enlightening! (…)
Arturo Jr Ongkeko, University Research Associate, National Institutes of Health, University of the Philippines Manila

A big thank for inviting us at the Ahimsa forum, share SIHI’s work and pilot test the approach of promoting social consciousness in our work to enhance true and effective collaborations.
The day spent with you all was inspiring a and re-energizing!
Congratulations for such a successful event.
Béatrice Halpaap, portfolio and programme manager, TDR

Thank you again for inviting me and Hemex Health to be a part of your forum.  It was an amazing group of people and I admire how you set the tone for collaboration.  I made a number of great connections and also had some helpful insight from the process.
Patti White, Hemex Health, Chief Executive Officer

First off all, JF, hats off to you for organizing a great meeting, great venue, great people and great content to challenge both the new and old minds to think out of boxing to work together  to transform health care at the bottom of the pyramid. Really you pour your heart in planning this.
Appreciate inviting us to participate in this forum. Thanks.
Mohan Uttarwar, BOD, Hemex Health

Un très grand merci de m’avoir invitée la semaine dernière au Forum de la Fondation Ahimsa. J’y ai rencontré des personnes extraordinaires.
J’espère avancer sur mes sujets maladies non transmissibles et « organisations inspirées par la foi » et ainsi revenir très vite vers toi.
Sophie Genay-Diliautas, Technical Officer, The WHO Global Coordination Mechanism on Noncommunicable Diseases (GCM/NCD)

I just wanted to thank you for arranging such a wonderful conference at Les Pensieres.
I thoroughly enjoyed meeting such a diverse range of people and participating in the Enactus activities.
Andrew Stapleton, VP Corporate Strategy and Business Planning, Bio-Rad

The congratulations should go to you both. Building and growing a company from scratch is no easy task so kudos to you !
Glad that our cooperation is growing as well and the presence of Linda in Lyon – together with her skills- will no doubt help.
Thierry Bernard, Senior Vice President Molecular Diagnostics Business Area, Qiagen

Many thanks for the mail and the nice pictures. I fully agree with you, the AHIMSA forum was a big success and a great experience for us. We indeed made a number of interesting contacts and I am sure there will be more follow-up out of the week. Thank you for exposing us this event and its unique culture. AHIMSA Forum was definitely one of the best conferences in the past years.
Wim van der Helm, MD, Head of Healthcare Development and non-governmental Affairs,  Roche Diagnostics International Ltd., Region Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America

Thank you so much for organizing a wonderful Forum! I learned a lot from my follow participants and I made some very useful connections that I hope will bear fruit. I know how much work such meetings are to put together, and you did it seamlessly, and always with a smile.
Celina Schocken, Executive Director, TogetHer

It was really wonderful to be in the Ahimsa family space. Once again thank you for the opportunity.
Linda Mafu, Head of Civil Society and Political Advocacy, the Global Fund

This year’s Ahimsa Forum was an extraordinary platform that engaged faith-inspired organization (FIO) leaders and innovators in global health.
A week of thoughtful dialogue and sharing of life experiences by the young and the not so young. Amazing to see how faith inspires so many people to do better, why our work matters more than ever before, and why and how we must learn more from and about each other.
Delighted to see Abdul Bari Khan and Lubna Samad from the Indus Health Network and Agus Shamsudin from the Muhammadiyah Health Network in Indonesia.
Aamir Khan, Executive Director, IRD

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