With Friendship support flood victims in northern Bangladesh

An estimated 1.5 million people have been affected by the flood, which follow days of heavy rainfall in the region. As of today, while the situation is expected to worsen in the upcoming days or weeks, over 600,000 people have already been impacted in Kurigram district alone, 9,000 houses have been destroyed, another 12,000 seriously damaged and harvests have been largely devastated. The vulnerable point of the embankment at different areas washed away due to heavy pressure of flood water and it has inundated Gaibandha, Kurigram and several other places. Around half a million people of these areas are passing days in great miseries as they need emergency supplies. Friendship has taken measures to provide its best efforts to support the flood affected people in its working areas through food relief, shelter, health care and other necessary support to 20,000 households.




Due to the continuous heavy rain fall, ponds and rivers reached its fullest capacity. Mostly people shifted to government road and embankment, schools and relatives houses etc. They need ‘boat support’ desperately. Many families cannot afford and some already lost households/assets which is being unable to manage boat to shift. The flooding caused disruption of communication with the schools, markets and facilities. People depending on their preparedness like stored foods and other commodities and quite afraid for days ahead! It is obvious, in next few days; the affected areas will face severe scarcity of food, drinking water and fuel as they already have no earning at this moment except savings and stocks for few days. They even do not have bucket to keep food. They are staying in open place with broken house or with polythene sheets.


Friendship’s response

By having rich experience in disaster management & preparedness, Friendship initiated boat support both for shifting and mobility, emergency and temporary tube well and latrines, medical camps, water purifying tablets distribution etc. Our schools, plinths and other facilities providing shelter/safe place in many places for the flood affected people. We started ground work for food distribution as per the flood situation and need. Several committees formed, people deployed in field, communication chain established, flood information chart created and source of logistics identified. In this context, while Friendship’s Health Teams are already on site providing medical support to control health hazards due to the lack of/difficult access to drinking water.


Long term impact

As the victims’ livelihoods have been damaged, it is a foremost thing to provide relief and support. Rehabilitation of the affected households in the villages will ensure that these families come out of the calamity. Their lives will be renewed and their children will be able to go back to school. The displaced families will get back their lives in terms of rebuilding their home, scope for earning to ensure food support and protect them from further deterioration. This project will ensure that the families who have lost everything to the flooding in these areas receive the help they need to return home and continue to live with dignity.


More information on Friendship International website.