I am impressed to see the evolution of the Community Health Initiative over the years. This is my third visit to the project. I look forward to seeing the final outcomes IIF achieves in the interventions to do with Kitchen Gardens and Nutrition.  If successful, IIF’s strategies and  outcomes can be shared elsewhere across the world……. With regard to the Village Health Committee meetings and Non School Going Health & Nutrition Education sessions it is interesting to see that the community comes to your sessions and listens attentively to you….and then applies to its own life what you teach. There are so many small activities that have a lot of impact…… IIF is challenging social norms like early marriage. The facts that girls keep coming to IIF’s meetings shows that their parents support IIF’s message and are ready for change.

Jean-François de Lavison

Photographs of the visit to Impact India Foundation Community health Initiative on September 12th:

The photos numbered:
1) and 2) depict your visit to Household Kitchen Gardens
3) to 7) visit to a beneficiary of our Maternal Nutrition Programme
8) to 13) Village Health Committee members attend a recipe demonstration using locally available greens.
14) to 20) depict the Health & Nutrition Education session for Non School Going Adolescent Girls.