Many of us are familiar with the term: the drop that spilled the glass.
When I was very young, I began to investigate why a container when filled with water could allow water to exceed the limit of the container. I soon understood that water has a capacity called surface tension that allows molecules to coalesce in such a way that they withstand great pressure until it exceeds the limit of the capacity of the molecules and the water spills out.
It is curious that this spill is not only of the molecule that broke the limit, but that the latter drags thousands of other molecules with it, as a consequence of having broken that veil of molecules that created that surface tension of the liquid.

For centuries, humanity sought to live better and for this, it used its capacity for reasoning and memory to create technologies that allowed it to achieve these objectives. A watershed in this story is undoubtedly the creation of agriculture, which helped end wandering tribes and more recently the industrial revolution born in the UK in the 19th century.
This technological movement impacted all of humanity as it will allow it to mass-produce goods at very low costs using the technology available to date.
What our species did not consider since the mass production of food and now of goods was the breakdown of the balance of the environment that had made possible the life of many species in harmony with the human being.

The philosopher Plato exposes in his book The Republic, how communities, as they grow and produce wealth superior to that which they require, are forced to create a government and a police force that protects and administers this wealth in excess.

This is how many peoples and nations were structured over the centuries with the sole objective of producing wealth, but without considering the impact that this had on the environment. This crisis facing humanity will change culture and way of life in short time. We will have to return to the basic principles to prevent this from repeating and ending our stay on this planet.

We live in a civilization capable of producing unlimited quantities of goods but at the cost of destroying forests, rivers, water, species and the atmosphere. We have taken the planet to exhaust its capacity like a glass of water overflowed.

We have a severe crisis of values ​​and leadership that are the essential foundations to straighten this ship. When values have been distorted in the population, the lack of leadership occurs as a result, as there are no commonalities that achieve the unity of criteria and purposes.

We must prepare as a society to face this challenge once we have defeated this pandemic

We need to find ways for all the families of the world to retake teaching of values in their homes. This would be a foundation for being able to take the course again.