This new year will open new horizons about an epidemic that is far from over and forces us to look at the world in a different way.
We are going to have to question our habits and models, we are going to have to work differently, in a more holistic way on human health, by associating a “Prevent, Test, Treat
and Monitor” approach in a more systemic way, in a more global way by associating human health, animal health, and the environment.
We must bring together many of the groups traditionally perceived as in opposition to one another—rich and poor, young and old, charities and profit-driven companies, local and
global organizations, individualism, and community —in an atmosphere of tolerance, respect, sharing and open-mindedness, to provide concrete solutions to the world’s most
pressing health problems. All of us will have to change our mindset I am confident that we are able, despite our differences, to share common goals. “It is up to
each individual and institution to stress that which unites us over that which sets us apart.” Kofi Annan
This is how we will contribute to building a world that moves.
I wish you and all your families a very happy new year 2021.
See you soon,

Jean-François de Lavison