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On December 10th at 4 pm, Michael Moller, Charlotte Evans, Barwani Msiska and Vedant Batra will reflect together on how to transform the current crisis into an opportunity to advance our approaches to health for all.

The COVID19 crisis provides an opportunity to rethink and improve the global health landscape. It is a starting point for greatly needed changes that could help us build new and better fundamentals for tomorrow’s world. The Ahimsa Renaissance Movement (ARM) was launched in September 2020 to catalyze transformative thinking to achieve this.

Join us as we explore how to establish a new impetus for change based on what we have learned from this crisis, and ways to create new leadership in Global Health.

For one hour, this live session will feature an exclusive dialogue between Michael Møller, former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and the 12th Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva, and three young and passionate public health professionals who will share more on their vision and their designs for the future, followed by your chance to ask questions.

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