The COVID19 crisis is an opportunity and has to be a starting point for change. It must make it possible to build, on the basis of what we have learned, new fundamentals for tomorrow’s world.

Ahimsa Renaissance Movement (A.R.M) proposes to reflect on what to propose for tomorrow, with the involvement of the young generation.
Let us not expect others to solve problems for us: we must provide solutions. A.R.M will do so in a
humble, ethical, spiritual and positive way, with a willingness to share and bridge these reflections.


We need to learn from the current crisis, which gives us opportunities: 
Globally, we can address specific topics to rethink and improve the global health landscape: 

  • How can we rebuild society on new fundamental principles
  • How can traditional and allopathic medicine be reconciled in the context of a new global “One Health*” landscape (“Integrative Medicine”)?

we can implement those reflections through Ahimsa’s international network:

  • How can we best use Faith Inspired Communities, often those closest to the most non-healthy populations?
  • How can we best use the Mobile Health Alliance, a global partnership of mobile health forces?


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Strategic Committee

Why are they joining the movement

The COVID-19 pandemic brutally exposed the deep and persisting inequities that continue to permeate throughout society and our systems of care. The pandemic now serves as a backdrop to the protests that have erupted around the world urging to put an end to the senseless murder and loss of black lives at the hands of the police, and other systems that govern our societies today. We can no longer hide from our failures as a global community or institute meager reforms to cover up these failures. It is time to listen to those that have been silenced and amplify their voices. It is time to question who and what we value, and how this is represented within the systems we serve, support and function in. It is time to radically reimagine the future and work collectively to achieve this vision. Ahimsa Renaissance Movement represents an opportunity to incubate and develop a new vision and mandate for society that prioritizes global justice and equity by listening to and learning from local voices and practices. I am excited to utilize my voice as a youth representative on the steering committee to ensure that a diverse voices of my peers are included in these discussions and that their contributions our valued. ” Charlotte Evans

“The reason I want to participate in this initiative is that I consider that we are facing a unique opportunity as mankind to re-take a good destiny path. History tells how many times we had to pass through struggle to react and return to basics. I am excited that we can recover more good things from this outbreak if can make sensitive people around us and to multiply this effect in everyone.” Jorge Everardo Vivanco Topete

“I am deeply happy to join Ahimsa for this special initiative. Creating bridges between silos, connecting actors and people to face the current crisis is vital. We need to be and to feel interconnected and I am glad to participate to this mission. The Ahimsa Community has been a source of inspiration and amazement for the last editions and I look forward to facilitating meetings, forums and encounters to give life to this beautiful network.” Lily Gros

“It is the duty of all of us to participate in raising awareness. We need to find universal solutions so that health really becomes a right for all: I think this initiative wants to show that a new path is possible. The quest for the global well-being of our societies must be our priority and must be based on respect for our environment.” Olivia Berliet

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