#AhimsaEvent21 – DAY 3 – COVID19 & Faith Inspired Organizations, what have we learned?

2021-07-08T13:26:32+01:00juin 25, 2021|A.R.M|

This session spent most of its time discussing two clear challenges. The first is to try to maximise the opportunities revealed by the COVID crisis to realise just and equitable healthcare in the future. The second is to highlight the oft-neglected role that religious communities can play in doing so.

#AhimsaEvent21 – DAY 1 – Strengthening collaborations between Healthcare industry and faith communities

2021-09-28T20:59:52+01:00juin 23, 2021|General|

This session was an opportunity to discuss the potential for greater partnership between healthcare actors and faith communities, and to identify and address some of the obstacles to realising the potential of this approach.

Note from Jean-François de Lavison about Ahimsa Event 2021

2021-06-01T15:54:53+01:00juin 01, 2021|A.R.M, General|

The crisis has forced many of the world’s longer-term problems and opportunities into the background, but when the dust settles the need to solve those problems will be as urgent as it ever was. Please join the next Ahimsa event, to reflect together on this new #AhimsaRenaissance

Feedback on the conference: “COVID19 response: Challenges for Faith Inspired Organizations”

2021-02-15T11:22:42+01:00février 12, 2021|General|

In April 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic gained momentum, the Ahimsa Fund launched the “Ahimsa Renaissance Movement” initiative, or ARM, as a way to learn from the crisis. It was founded in the belief that COVID-19 must be [...]

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