Prof. M. Yunus & JL Perron

Nowadays there is a frenzied race by the largest developed countries to ensure the priority, even the exclusivity, of future anti-COVID vaccines. However, the pandemic is global and affects all countries, with a disproportionate economic impact on the poorest people. In response to this universal sanitary and economic crisis, the response should be truly universal and give access to the anti-COVID-19 vaccines to all in an equal and transparent manner. If a priority was to be granted, it should benefit the most vulnerable and poorest segments of the world population.

Prof. M. Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2006, took the initiative of launching an Appeal to make the future anti-COVID-19 vaccines « a Global Common Good ». This Appeal was co-signed by 25 Nobel laureates and 45 former Heads of State or Government.
You will find the Appeal and the list of signatories on the following site: VACCINECOMMONGOOD.ORG

If the conventional market mechanisms cannot deliver the vaccines as a global common good, other mechanisms should be invented and activated.

A step forward has been made in this direction by the Vaccine Alliance through the COVAX facility.

You will find hereafter the article « COVID-19 Vaccines, a global common good » jointly written by Jean-Luc Perron, Vice-President Centre Yunus Paris, and Professor Cam Donaldson, Head of Yunus Chair at the Glasgow Caledonian University.

This article, recently published by the Lancet Healthy and Longevity Magazine, aimed to propose a set of principles for declaring the vaccines as a Public Common Good and translate this vision into reality.”