Increasing numbers of businesses are investing in corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects. Customers and stakeholders in international development are becoming increasingly demanding in this regard. Companies are expected to be transparent and ethical, and there is a growing need for companies and organizations to incorporate sustainable development (social, environmental and economic) in their plans. If CSR is to be meaningful, and not just a means to soothe the management’s conscience, it must be considered at a profound level and integrated into a company’s very DNA. This is what Ahimsa Fund aims to achieve, in attempting to align sustainable development goals with a CSR-oriented global company culture. Let’s take a closer look…

RSE session Ahimsa Forum

Propelling all employees towards a real CSR culture

At the most recent Ahimsa Forum, the fifth session (of eight) addressed the topic of new economic and financial models. The aim was to take an in-depth look at the various financial innovations and other business models offering companies the possibility to fulfill the new sustainable development goals..

New economic and financial models
In collaboration with our partner, Unitaid, the fifth session was chaired by Christoph Benn, Director of External Relations at the Global Fund. View the full report from the 2017 Forum.

Ahimsa Fund’s commitment to addressing these issues with its partners, and to finding solutions together, is part of a wider approach to tackle questions surrounding CSR policies. Such policies sometimes amount to a few limited and specific actions sought by the management. The Ahimsa Fund vision is founded on the need to ensure that CSR objectives are adopted by all employees and incorporated in company values. Each employee, not just the top management, must be made aware and invested in the success of a CSR project. Although the management is responsible for implementation, the aim in the long run is to involve all employees in the CSR project! Such projects must be adopted and epitomized by the company, and likewise by each of its staff members, as in a fractal structure*. Contrary to those who deem CSR to be a marketing exercise, at Ahimsa Fund we seek to make it the basis for a real company culture.

* Fractal structures: Like Romanesco broccoli, each part of a fractal structure, regardless of its size, is a reproduction of the entire structure.

A real CSR approach is not merely a marketing exercise. How can top management be convinced to adopt such a strategy? By means of charismatic leaders, of course!