Global Health and Faith based Communities - 2013

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This first Ahimsa RoundTable (ART) was a promising collaboration between Ahimsa Fund and the World Faiths Development Dialogue.

The word “faith” in the conference title was used in the sense not that the topic was about religion or any denomination per se but that it was open to all, religious or non-religious, and including indigenous communities, with faith in a better world the common denominator. Faith inspired communities today are among the central service providers in the most troubled and remote regions, represent substantial sources of finance and human resources, and should be seen as creative and active participants in the health arena.

This forum was innovative in various ways. It combined intellectual rigor with policy with practical, business inspired themes. 72 persons from 30 different nationalities participated in the round table and five keynote speakers contributed: Michel Camdessus (Former Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Honorary Governor of “Banque de France”); Zelma Lazarus (CEO of Impact India Foundation); Marguerite Barankitse (President of Maison Shalom Burundi), Tony Meloto (Founding-Chairman of Gawad Kalinga Philippines) and Setsuko Klossowska de Rola (President of Fondation Balthus, UNESCO's Artist for Peace). A significant initiative was the proposal to engage a younger generation by including groups of 11 students, from 10 different countries, who were full participants in the discussions.


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