Global Health and Faith based Communities - 2015

Jorge Vivanco (Mexico)

"Let me tell you that I consider the meeting a total success. Extraordinary organization. Outstanding participants and overall an overwhelming attitude of all participants in one common objective: How can I help ?. No doubt that Reinier is an excellent asset for Ahimsa."


Christoph Benn (Germany)

"Let me also thank you, for organizing this brilliant conference. I thoroughly enjoyed being with all of you and with so many other leaders in this field. It has certainly been very productive from my point of view. 
All the best and look forward to seeing you again soon."


Marlène Castilloux (Canada)

"Je suis arrivée hier en fin d'après-midi après 30 heures de voyage qui m'ont permis d'apprécier ce beau rassemblement qu'est l'Ahimsa Round Table. Un mot me revient souvent "Engagé". Tous ces gens m'ont paru engagés dans chacun leur travail. Un engagement qu'ils voulaient partager en nous expliquant chacun leur projet, toujours utiles à l'amélioration de la qualité de la vie humaine dans le monde. 
Un gros MERCI  !!!
Je me suis sentie très privilégiée.
Thank's a lot again and
Take care of you!!!


Shamona Kandia (South Africa)

"Thank you for extending an invite to Transnet to participate.  It was a wonderful and invaluable experience to our organisation.  We networked extensively and are already collaborating with a few new found ‘friends’ to improve the services of Phelophepa.  Please do stay in touch!  I am very happy to share information with all of the participants and would also like to extend an invite to AHIMSA to visit the Phelophepa trains as soon as possible.

Take care.


Setsuko Klossowska de Rola (Japan)

"Encore tous mes remerciements à toi pour m’avoir donné une experience inoubliable." 


Katherine Marshall (US)

"This great forum is a wonderful product of different parts of your genius – a remarkable network, wonderful organization, great spirit, and substance and service. It was an inspiration to be part of it.

I look forward to the draft report and to our continuing reflection and collaboration.

A bientot! Et miles mercis."


Richard Nijimbere (Burundi)

"Merci sincèrement de m'avoir invité à cette conférence, c'était une expérience profonde et enrichissante pour moi. Hormis le fait que j'ai rencontré des personnes intéressantes, la conférence était une précieuse source d'inspiration pour moi. A titre d'exemple, le seul témoignage de Professeur Mukesh, bien que très émotif, vaut pour moi toute année d'université sur le leadership. Par ailleurs, j'ai été très touché par la simplicité et surtout la Bonté de la Comtesse Setsuko. Il y a bien d’autre bien sûr. C'est grâce à toi et ton équipe que tout ça a été possible! Milles Mercis. En plus l'organisation était merveilleuse.

Merci pour votre amitié et votre soutien à la Maison Shalom.

Salutations cordiales,"


Tessa Markus (South Africa)

"Thank you for inviting me to your excellent roundtable. I learnt a great deal. The photos are very nice indeed. 


Gideon Byamugisha (Uganda)

"Well Done Friends!"

"Thank you very much for the two Ahimsa Roundtables so far which have proved very inspirational to me in very many ways. For example the Roundtables have:

1-Given me valuable insights into what other faith-inspired players in global and community health are doing , how they do it and why they remain committed despite the hurdles, challenges and set backs;
2-Made me more aware of the quality of human resources and intellectual capital that networking can bring together to encourage one another and enhance both our faith journey and our  contribution to safer, healthier, more peaceful, more prosperous and more spiritually fulfilling living among individuals, families and whole communities;
3-Helped me to be doubly conscious of our individual and collective responsibility to ask (and tackle) hard questions, climb tough mountains, jump high walls and to successfully cross deep and wide rivers of gaps and obstacles to making good health contagious;
4-Graced  me with quality time and  interactions  that have enabled me to reflect on (and consider) better and more sustainable options for our FOCAGIFO faith mission and ministry to contribute to ending AIDS faster, smarter and better through holistic education, integrated training,  youth empowerment and interdisciplinary research.
I thank God very much for blessing you with unique talents, friendships  and skills in bringing diverse people and organizations together to network,  form partnerships and initiate  collaborations with a shared vision and common purpose around faith, health and entrepreneurship.
In Solidarity,"


Mary-Ann Hopkins (USA)

"Thank you again for hosting such an amazing event!  I think everyone came away completely energized!"

Samantha Caccamo (Switzerland)

"It was a pleasure to participate in the second Ahimsa Round Table in Cape Town. I left inspired and energized by such a great crowd. It was very interesting to hear about the participants' experience in improving health in their respective country. All the presentations and speeches gave me a closer look at the land, culture and health challenges everyone is facing and I couldn't have gained that knowledge any other way. Thank you again for having me at a truly remarkable event. I usually don't like attending conferences, but I enjoy yours very much and I applaud your effort to organize this event.

Thanks again to all of you at Ahimsa who put together such a wonderful event! The only thing I regret is seeing nothing of Cape Town…. It means I will have to go back!

All the best from Lugano and talk to you soon Jean-Francois!"


François Bonnici (South Africa)

"Thank you for all the organising and chasing and for hosting a terrific Ahimsa Forum.  My slides are attached. 

Jean-François –  so lovely to reconnect in person after so many years.  Thank you for inviting us to partner and participate, with my staff and students. It was an honour to be involved and very valuable for us as well.  We will see again soon this year, and be in touch even sooner. 

Fond regards,"

Neelam Kshirsagar (India)

"Greetings from Impact India Foundation! Dr. Rajnish Gourh joins me in thanking Jean-Francois, Renier, Thea and you (and many others) for organising a memorable conference.  You have truly succeeded in making a community of dedicated health professionals across the world. The momentum will surely spread.
With the kindest regards,"


Shashi Buluswar (USA)

"It was wonderful to be there. Thank you!"


Barbara Dalle Pezze (China)

"Thank you very much for the great opportunity to attend the Forum in Cape Town.
It was an amazing experience: amazing people and amazing enterprises.
It was indeed an inspiring event!
Thank you very much!"

Zeina Abdo (UAE)

"A l’équipe fantastique que vous êtes! 

J'ai non seulement suivi le forum sur twitter mais aussi à travers Shalav avec qui j’étais en contact permanent.

Merci de votre hospitalité, merci d'avoir fait honneur à notre ami Raj, merci de continuer à rêver qu'ensemble, nous avons les moyens d'ajouter douceur, espoir et positivisme aux situations humanitaires les plus délicates.

Je vous embrasse bien fort et me réjouis de reprendre nos projets là où nous les avions laissés.



Dylan Wilk (Philippines)

"Thank you for all your kindness and for organizing the event. It was very uplifting to meet so many other people who are working towards building a better world and affirming of GK’s work. I pray the next one will likewise be a great success.

God bless you always,"


Cristina Bisson (USA)

"Be in touch soon.

Great conference – very well done, very well thought out!"

Rajnish Gourh (India)

"Once again congratulations on your excellent arrangements for Second Ahimsa Round Table.
Thanks and Regards,"

David Curry (Switerland)

"A nice reminder of a very enjoyable and interesting event.

See you next time!"


Renier Kogelenberg (South Africa)

"It was a great pleasure for us Jean-Francois!"


Jill Olivier (South Africa)

"Thank YOU for your generous hosting and inviting me to participate 
What an interesting collection of different people from different contexts you drew together!


Tsering Tsamchoe (India – Dharamsala)

"It was so nice meeting many interesting people. Learned many new things and boosted my dream to come true. Thank you so much for all. 

I will keep in contact.



Eldi van Loggerenberg (South Africa)

"I just returned from some time away with my family, with many discussions about the conference and what I saw and learned.

Thank you so much for providing the opportunity for us all to meet and contribute. It was an incredible opportunity for me to meet a bigger network of people who are passionate about global health. I might do an internship with Jack Sim during the December holiday.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and understand some of my vision and passion. It is very encouraging to me to have your support."

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