“Supporting someone does not mean standing in front of him, or behind him, or taking his place. It means standing beside him.”
Joseph Templier

Often, philanthropists who want to support meaningful humanitarian and development actions do not know in which projects to invest. They may not have the perspective and vision to make the right decision. It is to answer these questions that Jean-François de Lavison, President and Founder of Ahimsa Partners and Ahimsa Fund, offers support to philanthropists in their decisions and in following up on their investments.

Ahimsa aims to give your commitment a new direction by

  • helping to identify inspirations, motivations and commitments
  • helping to define the objectives by providing the resources
  • organizing thematic workshops on topics necessary for the implementation of the projects (New business models, new financial models, social impact investing, e-health, content marketing, management, leadership)
  • advising on the structure, governance, involvement of new generations (family, professional) and the targeting of the funding
  • putting at disposal Ahimsa network and its skills to ensure the success and sustainability of the projects
  • accompanying in the field, meeting local experiences, to work on the implementation of the projects
  • giving the opportunity to participate in the various events organized by Ahimsa Fund
  • offering innovative and personalized solutions, exploring motivating opportunities that will make a difference
  • guaranty confidentiality, safety, and image protection