An international fellowship on leadership and governance in global health

The COVID19 crisis provides an opportunity to rethink and improve the global health landscape. It is a starting point for change, from which we can build new fundamentals for tomorrow’s world. The Ahimsa Renaissance Movement (A.R.M) seeks to catalyze transformative thinking around tomorrow’s world, with the involvement of the young generation. The movement hosted by the Ahimsa fund is launching a call for applications to join the A.R.M Fellowship program.

The A.R.M fellowship program seeks to:

  • Build upon the skills of young leaders in global health, with a focus on:
    – international collaboration
    – knowledge in global health
    – facilitation
    – leadership
    – project management

  • Empower young leaders to embody and pursue a new vision of leadership and governance in global health

This program will thrive on the collective intelligence, knowledge and broad range of skills present amongst its fellows. The program will be focused around three core activities:

2021 FOCUS

The 2021 A.R.M fellowship will focus on the following areas:

  • Role FIOs and MHA* can play in Access to health for the most vulnerable in the fight against:
    – a pandemic (i.e: Covid-19)
    – Cervical Cancer
    – Tuberculosis

  • Convergence between Traditional and Conventional Medicine to address health challenges of the 21st century

  • Development of women’s empowerment to achieve universal health coverage


Each fellow will select an area of focus and be partnered with an organization within the Ahimsa network with whom they will work on a specific project. The objective is for the fellow to work hand in hand with the organization to help them develop the project further.


The fellowship requires 5-10 hours of work per week:

  • Project
    Each fellow selects an area of focus (See area of focus above) and partners with an organisation within the Ahimsa Network. Matching the fellows and organizations is a collective process. The timeline for each project is defined at the beginning of the fellowship program, according to the skills, and availability of the fellow and the project manager from the organization. 

  • Monthly calls
    Fellows will participate in monthly calls. These calls will facilitate best practice sharing, co-development and work on case studies.

  • Annual Seminar
    The annual seminar will take place in June 2021 and will include debates and workshops from which fellows can gain a new understanding of leadership and governance in global health, share best practices and meet inspiring leaders.

  • Mentoring
    Fellows will be matched with a member of the strategic committee and will receive 1-1 mentoring on leadership skills.  

  • Participation in strategic committee
    Fellows will participate in 2 meetings of the ARM strategic committee as a voice for youth.

  • Engagement with local community
    Each fellow will engage with his local community and bring their perspectives to their project. They will also take their training and the knowledge acquired from the fellowship back to their community and local organization. 



Applicants must be 18-35 years old with:

  • A passion for Global Health, Social Innovation, the pursuit of Collective Intelligence, and with a strong conviction that it is urgent to advocate for Health for All through Market Access solutions, and Community Empowerment

  • A commitment to promoting the voice of youth in the advancement of health and well-being.

  • A passion for designing creative and innovative approaches.

  • A readiness to take initiative, establish priorities with minimal supervision and the ability to work independently as well as function as a member of a team. 

  • An ability to question and challenge commonly accepted ways of thinking and doing, to work with others with an active commitment and to take on the leadership of projects. 



The program is limited to 12 participants and starts on January 11th.
It is an online*, (max.) 30 weeks-long, free-of-charge fellowship program.
*with the exception of the annual forum if sanitary conditions allow it.

Applications closed on 30 November 2020.

If you have questions, please email


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