Educational program for the young Filipinos “bottom of the pyramid” to the French culinary techniques

Objectives of the project

Ahimsa Fund and  Gawad Kalinga, a Philippine-based movement that aims to end poverty for 5 million families by 2024, by first restoring the dignity of the poor, in partnership with the Paul Bocuse Foundation, Fondation Paul Bocuse, develop a training program for young Filipinos “bottom of the pyramid” to French culinary techniques in order to open up employment perspectives and/or give them support in the development of their social enterprises.

Two main actions are planned for the project:

  • A first action from July 2017 on training program at the Enchanted Farm in the Philippines

Departure of 2 students at the end of their culinary training program in France, to transmit their culinary know-how to the young Filipinos by the development of practical culinary workshops, the writing of a cookbook combining the Filipino dishes with the French culinary techniques but also the participation in cooking exceptional diners for fundraising events for the benefit of the association Gawad Kalinga. This initiative will be renewed every year.

Guilhem Fortuné et Filip Hosek, étudiants d’établissements partenaires de la Fondation Paul Bocuse, sont partis le 3 juillet à Manille

I wanted to be involved in this project because it is a chance to share my experience while learning from the Filipino students, it is based on the principle of giving/giving.” I am sure I won’t have twice such an opportunity in my life, this is why I took the time to get involved. This project will not only bring me profit but also an open-mindedness to the international culture. Moreover, the humanitarian vision is interesting to the extent that it is to fight poverty in the world by encouraging young people to have a professional life.

Guilhem Fortuné, 21 ans, student at Lycée Hôtelier de Bellerive, Vienne (69)

I wanted to go to the Philippines at Gawad Kalinga for:”

  • Discovering new experiences and living a new culture,
  • Give my support by transmitting my culinary know-how and acquire new knowledges by observing,
  • Being part of something bigger than me: a project that influences a large scale for a good cause, where transform ideas into actions and observe their immediate results is possible.

Filip Hosek, 22 ans, student at the Paul Bocuse Institute, Ecully (69).

  • A second action is planned early January 2018: finance two scholarships to allow young Filipinos to come to France to integrate culinary training programs and internships in gathering-schools, hotels/restaurants.

Budget and Financing

To finance the project several fundraising actions are planned: In March 2017, an evening was organized by Ahimsa Fund and the Paul Bocuse Foundation at the Restaurant Fond Rose. A conference dinner hosted by Tony Meloto helped to raise the funds needed to finance the departure of young students in the Philippines.

Other fundraising initiatives are currently being discussed with the Institut Paul Bocuse and the Paul Bocuse Foundation to finance these various projects.


They support the project