TDR Programme Manager & Lead for the Social Innovation in Health Initiative, WHO/TDR

As TDR Programme and Portfolio manager Beatrice strives to foster a culture of innovative management leadership and continuous performance improvement. With a great interest in making a difference for a better global health she builds upon her scientific background (pharmaceutical product research and development, international public health) and her broad understanding of health research with capacity strengthening and management skills to enhance research for health care delivery in low and middle income countries. In this context Beatrice is leading, at TDR, the Social Innovation in Health Initiative promoting community engagement and aiming at bridging the delivery gap through research, capacity strengthening and advocacy. In 1997, Beatrice joined TDR to help catalyze public-private partnerships for the development of pharmaceutical product for infectious diseases of poverty. While in South Africa in 2001-2002, she started an initiative for strengthening project management skills in health research in low and middle income countries, now led by research institutions. Beatrice holds a Pharm D and an MPH and had an appointment as Lecture at Yale University in 2006-2007.


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