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Attachée at the General Management, Laboratoires Boiron

Irene Chetcuti is currently Attaché to the Director General of Boiron and interim Qualified Person of Boiron. She was born in Amsterdam, Holland and lived there 14 years, except for a one-year period in the USA. She then lived 3 years in Germany. She became a pharmacist at the University of Strasbourg in 1979 and completed her studies with a Master in Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Chemistry in Strasbourg in 1980. She first worked ten years for Weleda from 1980 to 1991. She then joined Boiron in 1994 with the objective of putting in place the Regulatory Affairs Department. The department includes activities for Registrations and Marketing Authorizations, Pharmaceutical affairs, Pharmaceutical Responsibility, Pharmacovigilance and a Laboratory for analytical development and stability tests. She has attended numerous workshops, symposia, hearings, meetings, conferences and consultations on the regulation of homoeopathic drug products and has often contributed as a speaker.



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