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Executive Director, Laboratoires Boiron

Valérie Lorentz-Poinsot is Deputy General Manager of Boiron Laboratories. She started out as a health visitor, and discovered homeopathy when she chose to take her children to see a homeopath. She was hired at Boiron with a view to developing medical marketing. In 2010, she was appointed to an executive management role, and later to Deputy General Manager.

“Managing people is all about obtaining results. The primary objective of any manager is to ensure the growth of the company. However, there are different ways of going about this, and it is important to give meaning to what people do, and to share the reasons for and aims of a project.

“Decisions must not be made in the heat of the moment. It is essential to be able to manage one’s emotions and oneself. My rule is: take a breath, think, act. Strictly in that order!”

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